Glade Avenue South - Focus Care

“Let Glade Avenue Focus Care provide the quality care for your loved  with dignity and respect,  encouraging a spirit of independence”

Glade Avenue South is located next door to Glade Avenue Assisted Living. 

Glade Avenue South Focus Care is a specialized unit built just for those who have an increased need of care, but do not require 24/7 complex medical supervision. In our Focus Care units, there is an increased level of staffing to ensure that all residents needs are met.

A highly structured program of activities is essential to each Resident’s emotional well-being. We believe in allowing our residents to try new and exciting activities within a safe environment, so each activity is carried out by a trained staff member with a never say never attitude in mind. We also believe in having family members and friends participate in daily activities to allow that much-needed bonding time between each other.


We offer customized level of care plans for individualized and specific needs. Our professional staff along with loved ones determines which level is best for the resident and their lifestyle. Having a “team” attitude with family and friends allows us to provide the best care available.

At Glade Avenue Focus Care,  we strive to improve the lives of residents with the belief in providing the best possible environment of stimulation and care while ensuring safety and peace of mind. We believe an individual’s life doesn’t stop because of a higher level of care, and we prove it every day.